About Us

Fil Blanc Hammam Towels UK
We founded Fil Blanc in 2014, for others like, those who share similar appreciation for the home and environment. We are small family-run company, trying to reflect our proud heritage along the cotton fields in Southern Turkey. We combine our design knowledge with the centuries old weaving techniques that passed to us from our great grandparents. 
We respect the environment and we are really grateful what it is gifting us with, that’s why we only use Oeko- Tex certified cotton. This way we know that the cotton does not include any harmful chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides.
When you use our natural cotton hammam towels, you are avoiding micro fibres which unfortunately ends up going to oceans after each wash in small pieces. Using a lot less water and detergent to wash it and by age these towels get softer so you use them for a lot longer.
Benefits of Hammam Towels:
  • Dry 5 times faster compared to regular terry towel
  • Softer than standard towel
  • Absorbent
  • Won't have a musty smell
  • Ecological (less water and detergent to wash)
  • Takes less space
  • Made from Natural Turkish cotton
Why Turkish Cotton?
There are few countries in the world, doing the cotton production but the difference you get with Turkish cotton is that, it has unique properties such as extra-long fibres which makes it possible to weave with less joins. The result is stronger and smoother cotton threads. And that’s why Turkish towels are known to become even softer, fluffier, and more absorbent with successive washings.