Fil Blanc Hammam Towels-How we started...

We founded Fil Blanc in 2014 for others like us- those who share a similar appreciation for the home, but don`t represent the

common notion of domesticity.

At Fil Blanc, our products reflect our proud heritage along the cotton fields in Southern Turkey.

We combine our design knowledge with our traditional Turkish weaving techniques.

We are modern day wonderers,

travellers and keen observers. We sell products that will last a life

time, are beautiful to look at, functional and add a meaning to itself

by age. We are nature lovers at heart, and only use local grown fibres.Our hand-woven ranges are done by a craftsman in Turkey who has over 35 years of

experience on black-board weaving technique. We started selling just hammam towels, in fact we only had three different designs to start with, after an amazing feed back we started to bring more and more designs, colours. At the moment we have a wide range of products, hammam towels, organic bath products, throws and even ceramics! We tend to focus on bathroom and home and bring the best quality, natural, ecological products.

After working as an interior designer in UK, I wanted to bring these gorgeous functional towels without loosing the Turkish origins.

In this blog, I will be sharing with you all, from Hammam Towel buying guide to my favourite Turkish

recipes. Thank you for reading! Hope to see you at the next blog post..