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Jasmine Flower Reed Diffuser Refill

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Jasmine Flower Reed Diffuser Refill

  • Jasmine Flower. This reed diffuser smells as sweet as it sounds. If you are looking for sweet & floral to scent your home, look no further!
  • These reed diffusers are made from highest quality oils so they will last long. Also available as a candle.
  • The base is all vegetable and VOC free, non flammable, non toxic, water soluble, biodegradable.
  • Natural Vegetable Base

  • Vegan & Environmentally Friendly 

The kit includes; natural rattan sticks and 100 ml. natural fragrance oil.

Simply insert the reeds in to the bottle and allow them to draw the fragrance up to scent the room. Each kits lasts up to 6 month. 


Hand-made in UK